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H&J Martin Prepare the Tim Peake, Soyuz Capsule Exhibition

20 Feb 2019

In partnership with Nation Museums NI and CPD, the H&J Martin Minor Works Team has just completed works to prepare for the launch of the Tim Peake, Soyuz Capsule Exhibition at the Ulster Folk Transport Museum, Cultra. The spacecraft transported the UK’s first European Space Agency astronaut, Tim Peake, to and from the International Space Station (ISS).

Works included the installation of a large venue projector, which projects onto the roof of the Rail Gallery on a 15m wide canvas screen and shows the decent of the Soyuz Capsule back to earth.

Power and data installation to the Virtual Reality Lounge, temporary external classrooms, new ticket desks and new space themed shop, plus the installation of floor mounted colour changing ‘chasing’ LED strip lighting in the entrance tunnel to the exhibition.

The Exhibition is part of a UK wide tour of the Spacecraft and is in Belfast from 20th February – 12th May 2019, admission is free.

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